Creative Train Company

Custom 7.25"/7.5" Gauge and 1.5"/1.6" Scale Train Cars

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End of train device Uses 9 volt battery and flashes. Comes in Red, Grey or Yellow with dummy glad hand.USPS shipping included.
$148 USD add glad hand for 5 usd add flag for 18 usd
Folding Hitch
This 1.5" scale folding hitch stands 5 7/8" tall when in the up position and 3/4" tall when down. Shipping not included.
195 USD
1:8 scale Rubber tires/ rims set of 8
The only source for rubber tires for 1:8 scale trailers/ vehicles. The rims are available in Dayton, Bud and aluminum style. The come with hardware and are for a 3/8" 16TPI axle.
215 USD
Switch stands
Working switch stands with hardware. Targets can be customized to your specs.
115 USD
Number boards
Set of 2 is 85 usd shipped and set of 4 135 usd
95 to 150 usd
Winterization Hatch
steel Winterization Hatch in primer only
159 usd
Signal Hoods
Available in 2 light or 3 Light. In regular or Darth Vader style.
3 light hood 11.90 usd, 2 light hood 8.50, 12 volt led bulbs green 3.25, red and amber 2.25 usd.
45' to 53' van trailer
1325 usd to 2040 usd
ETS 138
1:8 scale RC bus
Fairmount MT 14 Speeder
1:8 scale Fairmount speeder RC
1375 usd
Hayes track bumper
Works with aluminum or steel rail as well as groovy track.
85 usd
48" Fan.
Has working 12 volt fan
95 usd